Eco-Friendly Garforth is a local group working in Garforth and surrounding area as part of Climate Action Leeds with the aim to inspire and assist in local projects that support the broad aims of a zero carbon, nature friendly and socially just Leeds by 2030.

Our collective purpose is to help shape a Leeds which is zero carbon, nature friendly and socially just by the 2030s.

Our approach is focused on mobilising communities, campaign groups and sectors to plan and act together. Over 40 groups in Leeds contributed to planning the project, and it is supported by many more.

Eco-Friendly Garforth was formed in 2021. It is open to all residents of Garforth and wants to grow in a co-operative and supportive way to make our town a better place to live.

​It is part of a City-Wide project to develop local hubs supporting the Climate Action Leeds goals.

Climate Action Leeds provides a platform for people, organisations and communities to come together to take action on climate change, in Leeds and beyond.