Air Pollution

Types of Air Pollution

There are many types of air pollution. We’ll just cover a couple of relevant types here for reasons that will become apparent.

Particulate Matter

There are three key measures: PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10

Before introducing the detail of what they measure it is probably worth getting an idea of some definitions of some of the quantities that are used:

1μm = 1 micrometre (or 1 millionth of a metre) to give an idea of scale an average human hair is 50μm wide.

1μg = 1 microgram (or 1 millionth of a gram) a gram is about the weight of a small paperclip.

m3 = 1 cubic metre (or 1,000 litres or 1760 pints) a big night out at the Lord Gascoigne.

The PM1.0 is a measure of the weight in micrograms of particles 1μm in diameter in every cubic metre of air. The unit is written as: μg/m3 (or micrograms per cubic metre).

The same construction is used for the PM2.5 where the particles are 2.5 micrometres in diameter and PM10 where the particles are 10 micrometres in diameter (or about a fifth of the width of a human air).

Air Quality Indices

Air Quality Indices or AQIs have been developed to translate these scientific measures into terms that mean something to people. It provides a better meaning for people.





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